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Phone Systems

Marshall Business Solutions in Augusta ga specializes in working with industry leaders of all verticals.  Take telecommunications for example; Marshall Business Solutions of Augusta Georgia are experts in telecom cost reduction and management. Our clients boast excellent service, delivery and support. We are an extension of our customers' IT and telecommunications departments helping them to strategize, optimize and implement technologies that improve efficiencies and return on investment in all communication venues. Marshall Business Solutions results are continuously praised by our customers! Contact us to learn why our clients have retained our services for years.

As a small business why do I need a telephone system?

Computers have become the center of our universe. This is especially true for most small businesses. Equipment previously seen as essential members of the business environment are quickly finding themselves downgraded to storage bins and office cup holders. After all, a computer can competently handle almost all processes and tasks formerly accomplished by outdated devices like the fax machine; while taking up less space, and not compelling workers to use a completely different interface. Most Small Businesses have long since grasped that you do not need to break the bank, or expand your office, to remain on top of their various workloads. With this being said, the small business telephone system is still essential for small businesses to run their business operation efficiently, even necessity of computers.

Increase employee productivity in your small business

Most small businesses want efficiency and productivity from their employees. Your small business phone system plays a big role in making sure that everyone has an easy-to-use, central communications system. The critical nature of phone calls makes them impossible to neglect or ignore. Effective inter-company communication should also be instant and thoughtless. Transferring a call from one phone to another should be an easy process and one that is guaranteed to make all employees easy to reach no matter who they are, where they are, or which location they work in.

Personal and faster communication

Customers typically respond better to fast responses rather than neglected emails; your small business telephone system can ensure that customers are able to obtain immediate communication with a business, accelerating the speed at which their questions are dealt with, and in doing so, positively impacting customer opinions and increasing the chances of retaining a customer.

Give important calls the attention they deserve

The instant nature of incoming calls to your business makes it important that calls come in clear and free from interference. An employee should be able to field the calls as they come in and at the very least be able to transfer the customer painlessly and not have to hang up and dial a different number to get the answer or the person they are looking for.

If you are out of the office or at a different location, you are always reachable

While most phone systems make it easy to transfer calls within an office, transferring calls to employees or personnel that is out of the office should be just as easy. Mobile phones are used now more than ever for business and can be linked to your business phone system.  With a state of the art business phone system you can now use your mobile phone as if it is your desk phone. You do not need to buy another cell phone in order to have a business number. You can use your personal cell phone and take calls from your business number as well as make calls from your cell and the number that shows up will be your office number. You can also receive transferred phone calls directly from your office to your cell phone.

Future proofed communications

One of the best attributes of a small business phone system is that like computers, they can be easily upgraded without having to buy another phone system to get a few new upgrades. VoIP phones have become extremely popular due to these phones being essentially future proofed. New handsets are seamlessly added to your network and integrated small business Voip phones is sometimes as easy as plugging it up.  

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